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Do you wish to learn the HOLY PSALTER — the Book of Psalms — in Latin?

Psalms in Latin

Please follow the Latin and English text of  “Latin Vulgate Bible”  online, or obtain a print copy of “Douay Rheims Bible” from the Rosary Bay, so you can listen to Psalms at the and follow the scripture.

It is a wonderful opportunity for the Catholic Clergy, Religious and Laity to learn the Divine Office — or the Liturgy of the Hours — in Latin as well as the more familiar English. Please remember that each Psalm, as you listen to it, is prayed — not merely recited. You will encounter imperfection.

We nevertheless invite you to join us — and make perfect in your hearts what passes haltingly from our lips. We ask Mary Immaculate, the Most Holy Mother of God, to assist us in her unspeakable love for her children — for it is She who prompts us to seek the face of her Son. She knows the lisping of mere children and placing her gentle fingers on our lips teaches us better to pray. How much our Mother loves us!

All that is good and holy in these prayers is of God. All that is imperfect and faulty is ours. We humbly ask God, and we ask you, to overlook all that is wanting.

Online Book of Psalms in Latin with Audio Files

Prayers Audio courtesy of The Boston Catholic Journal. All copyrights belong to their respective owners. No additions, deletions, or changes are to be made to the text or audio files in any way, and the copies may not be sold for a profit.
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