eBay Rosaries and Catholic Rosary Shops

The Rosary is an ideal gift to all Christian people. They are religious items and not jewelry.  One can find great deals in eBay rosaries shops.  Many rosaries are bought pre-made from e-bay rosaries stores and Catholic gift shops,  but there are also traditional rosary makers like the Rosary Bay, who can put together a customized rosary for you with your choice of beads and centerpiece.  We design and produce high quality rosary beads, rosary bracelets, rosary necklaces traditionally wire-wrapped by hand, making the rosary virtually unbreakable. Our durable rosaries made of sterling silver or bronze gemstone rosary beads. Our pearl rosary beads and bracelets made from genuine crystal, semi-precious stones and precious metals. Shop eBay, or buy high quality and durable  rosaries directly from the Rosary Bay Webshop!

When buying rosaries, you need to keep certain things in mind like what materials are used to make the rosary. The Rosary beads are  made of  stone, wood, or crystal, and they can be of any color. They are often bought according to one’s birthstone, but as a general rule, men prefer black or wood rosaries, and women prefer white perl rosaries or colored ones.  The  rosary centerpiece, usually a medal with a depiction of the Sacred Heart, Our Lady, or a Saint.  

There are also small one-decade Rosaries that are meant to be highly portable. They’re called “Pocket Rosaries” (some are sold to be used in car travel and are sometimes called “Auto Rosaries” or “Car Rosaries”. There are also one-decade Rosaries that are worn on the wrist, and 1-decade “Rosary Rings” worn on the index finger during prayer time. All of these types of Rosaries would be used the same way as ordinary Rosaries, but one would count the same beads 5 times after the introductory prayers. There are also very long 15-decade Rosaries so that one can pray all of the Mysteries, going around the beads only once; these are mostly for the use of religious. 

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